Choose design of your buttons not working in WordPress

Bernie Coetzee 6 years ago • updated by Matt Dolge 3 years ago 10
Hiya, I have just installed the most recent version (sharexy.1.1.2 ). But still I cannot change the style of the buttons in WordPress. 
The window pops up but content is not loading see screen grab:

I have tried in different browsers (Chrome & IE) no luck. 
Pretty please help :)

Vertical List

Darren Barnes 3 years ago 0
Hi Guys,

Is there any way to make the buttons run vertically instead of horizontally?
I would like to use the buttons at the top of my posts, but listed vertically and floated to the left of my content (not the left of the screen like the floating widget)

I tried to achieve this myself through CSS but the float:left on the buttons is an inline style that is !important so I am not able to overwrite it making what should be a very simple thing to do impossible.



No one service to add

Slava Sh 3 years ago • updated by Andrei T. 3 years ago 2
Can you help me? I just upload version 4, but can not add any sevice to widget.How it looks http://clip2net.com/s/38HZmHh
what am I doing wrong? 
Andrei T. 3 years ago
Fixed. Thank you for the bug report.

can I create my own icons? None of the ones in the package work for my design.

Jason Manley 5 years ago • updated by Andrei T. 3 years ago 2

We have a 400,000 member creative community and are launching our new site (we get about 1.5 million visits a month) and are incorporating sharexy...we have already set it up throughout the wordpress side but we have to use our own icon pack.  Can you let me know how this can be done please?  Great work by the way!  Looking forward to seeing where you all go.  

Andrei T. 3 years ago
Hi, Jason. Now you can upload and use your own icons. Please download latest version of the Sharexy wordpress plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/sharexy/

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